At 2 p.m. on jan.1, liu yusheng,52,(alias), arrived at the farewell hall of the funeral home in chungking's fuling district, where he met his 10-year-old granddaughter and 6-year-old grandson for the last time, and the two children were later cremated by a net. On the morning of January 2, Liu Yusheng's father, wife, son and daughter-in-law were cremated one after another, and then the family returned to their hometown with the ashes of six people.


A fire on December 30,2019, let Liu Yusheng and his six immediate family members Yin and Yang, January 1 and January 2, the first two days of the new year, when others are still immersed in the joy of welcoming the new year, Liu Yusheng will say goodbye to them in turn. Liu Yusheng plans to bury six relatives together,\" when walking together, then bury together to be a companion.\" he said.


And the 18-story building that caught fire, still standing in the corner of Fuling, the incident for three days, the vast majority of residents have moved back, and the 12-story Liu Yusheng home window, was completely burned down, black hole in there.


On january 1st, many people gathered in the farewell hall of chungking's fuling funeral parlour, which had more than a dozen farewell halls, and liu yusheng's relatives accounted for four of them. One for his father, one for his wife, one for his son and daughter-in-law, and one for his grandchildren.


At 2 p.m., the staff informed Liu Yusheng's family that according to the arrangement, his grandchildren could be cremated, and Liu Yusheng stood up shakily and watched his grandchildren leave. Ms. liu yusheng's niece, ms. history, chased her and put toys on the side of the children, which the children wanted with her before they died.\" I work in the city of chongqing and occasionally fuling,\" she said.\" I promised them to buy two children before.


The 52-year-old liu yu-sheng is the head of the family, usually working on a construction site in linyi province guizhou, a small foreman in charge of some small projects, he is dark-skinned, looking strong, but since the fire on december 30,2019, he has hardly eaten or drunk or slept, and the whole person has collapsed.


\"My uncle has always been a very tough man, but the blow to him has been so great that the whole person has been crying, but a lot of things still need him to make a decision, the cremation time of relatives, where the burial needs him to make a decision, so can only be hard to do these things. said Ms. Shi.


On the morning of january 2nd, four other deceased relatives of liu yusheng were cremated in turn. After cremation, he took the ashes of his loved ones back to his hometown for burial.\" The place has been chosen and plans to bury six of them together. he said.


Once four generations of eight people in the same room, now only 52 years old Liu Yusheng and 80 years old mother, the day of the fire, Liu Yusheng in Guizhou construction site, mother in the hospital treatment, two people are considered to have escaped a bullet. Liu Yu-sheng was afraid that his mother could not withstand the blow for a while, only told that his father died because of the fire, how to plan to let his mother accept this fact next, he did not think well.


According to the propaganda department of Chongqing Fuling District Committee, at about 06:40 on December 30,2019, a fire broke out in a residential building in the Ma'an Street Tap Shui Qiao District of Chongqing Fuling District. After receiving the police, the Fuling Fire and Rescue Detachment Command Center immediately dispatched rescue teams to the scene to dispose of it and put out the open fire at 0755, killing six people in the accident.


At noon on january 1st, beijing youth newspaper reporters came to the scene of the fire, an 18-story residential building surrounded by three or four stories of residents building their own homes, and a few scattered vegetable fields around the building. Liu yusheng's family lives on the 12th floor of the building, along the elevator, outside the door of liu yusheng's house, there are several police officers on duty, they told reporters, inside the scene survey, more than a dozen firefighters are wearing uniforms to and from the district unit, someone with a camera, someone is making a record.


\"Our building is a settlement, we were all in a village, very familiar with this family, in fact, like our own family, such a thing happened, the heart is particularly uncomfortable. \"Knowing that there was a fire, many of the people in the building had come out, and I was one of the first to come out, and I could see someone in the burning house flashing the flashlight on their cell phone, calling for help from the people outside.


Before the firefighters arrived, a neighbor with a tool tried to pry the door open from the outside, but just opened a big slap hole in the door mirror of the security door, and the fire inside jumped out, and later because the smoke was too high and the temperature was too high, the neighbor had to give up.


After the fire, some netizens suggested that liu yusheng's house had a fingerprint lock installed, and the fire lock was burned, so the people in the room could not escape. In response, neighbors said that the family had not installed a fingerprint lock, as some online people said,\" his home, like other homes, is the kind of ordinary door lock.\"


Liu Yusheng's community, there is a WeChat group, inside are living together the old neighbors of the old neighborhood, these days, a family photo circulated in the group, the picture is Liu Yusheng and his lover, as well as their son, daughter-in-law, grandson, granddaughter, now, the photo of six people, only Liu Yusheng one, many old neighbors looked at the photo, will silently wipe tears.


Mr. sun's (alias) family lives directly above liu yusheng's house, that is, on the 13th floor, the two units are the same, are more than 139 square meters, four rooms, one hall, two Wei. The Beiqing newspaper reporter saw at Mr. Sun's house that the room was a living room as soon as it entered the door, a kitchen on the right hand side and a four-meter corridor on the left. The four bedrooms were on either side of the corridor, and the end of the corridor was a bathroom.


On the morning of january 1st, when mr. sun's house was badly damaged and most of the windows were broken and the window frames fell off, mr. sun had to stay at a relative's house for the time being. His wife was quietly packing things in the room.


For some people said that fire hydrants in the district in the fire when no water, Chongqing Fuling fire department staff told the North Youth Daily reporter, fire rescue fire hydrant is water, no impact on the fire. North youth reporter on january 1 came to the building fire, the building a total of six households, equipped with three fire hydrants. At noon on the 1st, the reporter of Beiqing newspaper tried to open a fire hydrant on the 13th floor, inside is water flow out.


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