The Arklay team is currently using the Unreal Engine 4-fold business card printing classic action adventure game \"Dinosaur Crisis,\" yesterday, they released a new game trailer showing the game heroine Regina, the game environment and some new breed of dinosaurs. All right, let's see the trailer together!


We've seen the Raptor, the pterodactyl and the Rex overlord in the trailer, and the dinosaur modeling is still very realistic and very shocking. The dinosaur crisis remake will use a third-person cross-over perspective similar to biohazard 2: remake. And the production team's goal is to achieve the same re-enactment effect as \"biohazard 2: remake edition \".


The game's current development is going well, and we're expected to see it play demo this year. But it's worth noting that the project is only made by a small independent team, so don't expect it to be as powerful as biohazard 2: remake. But as a fan home-made project, the game also looks good.


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